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5 Tips To Efficiently Store Your Ties

5 Tips To Efficiently Store Your Ties

One of the most confusing hurdles to overcome when getting a new job is selecting the right outfit. Whether you shop for shirts, suits, trousers, or shoes, your look isn't complete without the perfect tie. You'll need enough ties to cover the week so that you can spice up your look without coming off as a boring person. Your tie of choice can either draw bad attention or get you compliments. 

To keep a great look, you'll have to put a routine together to maintain your ties' look and feel. 


So you just had a delicious meal, and your tie decided to partake in it. The longer you take to wash the stain off, the more difficult it becomes to restore the tie to its original condition. Dry cleaning is safe and efficient, allowing you to clean your ties without damaging the material. 


Wrinkles on your tie have a way of making them look unpredictable, so you may want to iron or steam them before storing them. 

To steam, just run a hot shower while hanging your ties somewhere on a rack. The steam will loosen up the wrinkles. However, if you want to use an iron, you should know the type of material you are dealing with before setting the temperature. You don't want to ruin your favorite tie. Consider placing a soft cloth between the iron and the tie to avoid burning through the material. 


Consider getting a tie hanger to ensure your ties remain straight and unwrinkled. 


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Hanging your ties can consume a lot of space. You may want to consider rolling instead. Rolling allows you to save some space while being able to see all your ties at once. 

To roll the tie, lay the tie face down on a flat surface and fold in half to form a loop. From the loop, start moving until you reach the end of the tie. If you don't have a tie box, you can use a sock storage organizer. 


Going on a trip and worried about wrinkling your tie? Consider investing in a single tie case or box to keep your tie wrinkle-free. 

It's a portable solution that prevents your ties from moving around in your luggage. 

A tie can make or break your first impression. Consider investing in products to extend its life. 

Do you have other ways you store your ties and keep them as good as new? Please share in the comments. 

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