8 shirts that are a must in every mens closet. Fashion tips from Loafer Spot. Handmade Men's Loafers

8 Must-have Shirts For Men

8 Must-have Shirts For Men

There's a wide range of shirts to choose from in the market. In this article, we will highlight the essentials that every man should own. As you read along, you can do a scan of your closet and see if you have them or still need to up your game.


How to wear men's undershirt for the best look. 8 Must have shirts for men. Men's fashion blog

Undershirts, like the name implies, are worn under the shirt. They protect your shirts by acting as a barrier between your skin and your shirt to absorb sweat and moisture.

You may want to ditch it during summer, but you should consider them in winter. When shopping for an undershirt, consider v-necks so that it's hidden when wearing a shirt. If you are planning on wearing a tie, then the neck shape does not matter. We recommend getting a few whites, blacks, and grey. White tends to reflect light and is visible to everyone. Spandex, premium combed cotton, Tencel, and bamboo are great undershirt fabrics to buy. Ensure your undershirt has a comfortable fit to allow you to breathe.


Style suggestion. How to wear a tee. Men's fashion blog. Loafer Spot


Good old tees! What started as an undershirt is now essential. You can never go wrong with a t-shirt in your closet. You can wear them to hang out with friends, to the gym, and even to bed. Tees are great with blazers, bomber jackets, button-down shirts, denim, chinos, and a pair of clean sneakers or loafers. When shopping for T-shirts, look for 100% thick cotton to ensure your t-shirts survives the washes. Your tees should hug you with the sleeves sitting around your mid-biceps, the length a little below the beltline. 


How to wear sweatshirts. Men's fashion tips. Loafer Spot. Handmade Loafers

Sweatshirts are good options to add warmth and allow you to layer up. They can pair well with denim jackets, chinos, and a pair of white sneakers.

Tip: When shopping, make sure the neck area is comfortable. It should not choke you or feel sloppy.


How to wear an oxford shirt. Men's style blog. Loafer Spot - Handmade Loafers

Oxford cloth button-down (OCBD) is a versatile classic shirt made with oxford cloth fabric. It’s called a button-down because the collars can be buttoned down to give it a casual vibe. The collars don’t fly around. You will most likely find a chest pocket on it. It can pass for a smart casual, and it goes well with dark denims and padded vests. A silk necktie along with navy blazers or suits is an excellent combination for a more formal look. 


Style tips that will change your look forever. Men's fashion tips. Lifestyle Blog Loafer Spot

Dress shirts are great because they fit most occasions and can pair nicely with suits and blazers. If you're thinking of grabbing one, consider white, blue, light shades of pink and yellow hues. To avoid regular ironing, consider wrinkle-free T-shirts.

You should also select a dress shirt based on the type of collar that suits your look. Point collars work for people with round faces, while spread collars fit those who have pointed facial structures. You can style a dress shirt by either unbuttoning the first two buttons or wearing it with a necktie.

Dress shirts can go so well with boots and suede loafers. A good dress shirt should tuck well at the waist, cuff of sleeves sitting just on the wrist, and a collar good enough to allow two fingers to slide into it when buttoned.


How to find the right polo shirt. Men's essentials. Fashion advice from the connoisseur. Loafer Spot Handmade Shoes

Polo shirts are great because they can be worn alone or layered with a sports jacket or sweater. An excellent fitted polo shirt should sit its sleeves right in the middle of your biceps. You can rock it in the summertime with white trousers and a great pair of loafers


Men's Fashion Blog. How to wear a flannel shirt. Loafer Spot Men's Loafers

A flannel shirt is a must-have for fall. Plaid is cool! Gingham checks and solid flannels are a great way to change up your style. Flannel shirts pair well with jeans and brown suede jackets. These shirts are casual, and it is perfectly suitable to wear them unbuttoned with a t-shirt, slim-fit jeans, and some work boots.


How to style Hanley shirts. Every day fashion tips. Loafer Spot stylish loafers

Henleys are collarless shirts best suited for men with broad chests and big physiques. Henleys are more casual than polo shirts and can be worn in summer long or short-sleeved. For a dapper look, you can match a white Henley with grey trousers.

Have another suggestion in mind. Something you've tried? Let us know in the comments. 

Here are five pairs you can style with the recommendations above:

Roma black suede boots

Lazio brown velvet loafers

Naccio "Screw U" loafers

Lorenzo monk strap sneakers 

Tomma brown suede strap boots


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