Blue Suit? No worries about your tie!

Blue Suit? No worries about your tie!

Blue Suit? No worries about your tie!

Have you ever wondered about wearing a blue suit? Well, many colors go with blue and, you can pretty much rock any color you want with it. Here is a code on the blue outfit for men [A GENTLEMAN’S BLUE OUTFIT CODE]. Blue suits, particularly navy blue or royal blue, are great as they go with practically anything. Therefore, your choice of tie color is based mainly on what you want to communicate. Remember your dress speaks, right?

But you have to be careful right there! One important thing is that your tie should fit your suit in a way that fits the occasion. You should know when to be loud and when to be low-key. Some occasions even demand that you look sober. You don’t want to go to a sober event looking like a clown!

We have compiled a detailed list of suit/tie suggestions that we believe would be appropriate for different looks and occasions.

  • A charcoal grey tie would give you a festive and formal look. Where the occasion calls for serious mien, this is your go-to tie.
  • A grey striped tie makes you look not too fashionable, but at the same time exuding that modern look.
  • A blue pin-dot tie makes you look fresh. You get heads to turn in different directions.
  • A navy striped tie gives you a no-nonsense, ready for a business look. It is your go-to for many occasions.
  • A navy tie with simple patterns like polka dots. This one I particularly love. It screams quality and a high class. You can’t go wrong looking appealing with this style of tie. It tells people that you are in vogue with fashion trends.
  • A plaid tie: This one can be tricky, but you do not care with this tie. It simply gives you a carefree look while still looking very confident. So, if you are not too interested in a meeting or an occasion, or if you are the unconventional type, it may just be right for you. This tie does the job well, combining two opposites.
  • Though a bit old-fashioned, a brown striped tie is still very fashionable. It has this cool air around it.
  • A brown paisley tie is exquisite and boosts your dressing confidence boost. When you wear this type of tie, your personality is stylish.
  • A tan tie: this shade is soft enough for the summer periods. It is simply beautiful.
  • A red striped tie: red primarily communicates power. So, a red striped tie would make you look daring and assertive. Talk about confidence too.
  • Burgundy knit tie: Burgundy is a calm color for confidence, but it leaves your signature everywhere you go.
  • Green-striped tie: A green striped tie gives you a simple, not too formal look.
  • A Gold tie makes you look like royalty. It puts you on the confident edge.

Have you tried any of these tie/suit combinations? How did it go? Share your experiences below.

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