Casual shoes: Wardrobe essentials

Casual shoes: Wardrobe essentials

Casual shoes: Wardrobe essentials

"casual shoes" are between the extreme formality of dress shoes and the extreme informality of sneakers are "casual shoes." Every man should have a combination of these three shoes, and the most overlooked of all are casual shoes. 

Casual shoes cover a wide range of styles. Overall, the versatility of casual shoes is that they are made from leather or suede. They are not sports shoes, and they are made in a wider variety of colors than other shoe categories. They are made in almost every color, even the colors you least expect. 

The good thing about them is that you can wear them any time, any day, for any occasion. This article will show you the five essential shoes you need to own. 

  • Desert boots

Desert boots have endured for a long time, as far back as the 1950s. It is footwear that gives you a distinguished look and has maintained its stylishness for years. It is an enduring style. 

Desert shoes have a mid-top silhouette and crepe sole and look very simple. They are primarily made in suede than other types of leather. The color variations range from different earthy tones to bizarre prints. 

The fun fact about desert boots is that they can be used for all occasions, save for formal occasions. The designs on the mid-top make them suitable for all seasons, and the simplicity makes it easy to wear them with various attires.


  • Espadrilles

The Espadrille has been around for a long time. It is designed for comfort and is great for summer. Espadrilles have a light canvas sole, making them great casual shoes. They are very convenient as your legs can easily slip in and slip out, with ease, provided you put on your correct size. It gives an overall simple, gentleman look.

Here is the great thing about Espadrilles. If sandals are not your thing, they are the perfect go-to for you during summer. They are also great for vacations, as they would reduce your luggage space. The reason is, whether you're going from beach to bar or dinner, you can remain in the same shoes. What's more? Some Espadrilles are made of suede, so go ahead and make your choice!


  • Suede Derbies

A Derby shoe is a round toe shoe that has complete lace holes. The lace holes are open on top of the shoe, which gives it a casual look.

Suede Derbies vary from extreme black to light brown colors. Although the blacks are popularly said to be more fitted, any color is delicate, as long as you like it.

The Suede Derby can be said to be semi-formal. Suede derby's can be worn to meetings or dinners with friends. It is a bit more formal than desert boots. 

  • Driving shoes

Just as their name implies, "driving shoes" originated from the purpose for which they were designed. In the past, drivers would change into them before they got behind the wheel to be more comfortable. Men vote for driving shoes because of their moc-toe style and slip-on design. It comes in various colors and looks great in suede. Driving shoes are entirely casual. You do not even need to put on socks with driving shoes. You want to avoid wearing it with baggy pants, else you look weird. 


  • Suede loafers

Loafers generally look like slip-on and have a moccasin-style toe. Suede loafers are more stylish. Just ensure your outfit is fitted, and you make sure the leg area of your outfit is cropped.


Do you have any other shoe types you wear as casual shoes? Let us know your go to shoes.


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