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How To Combine Colors

How To Combine Colors

Generally speaking, people know how to match dress shoes with dress pants but often get confused when mixing and matching colors. We'll guide you through some simple tricks to spice up your style and look and feel great.

Wearing brown shoes with black pants 

Are you ready to wear black pants with brown shoes?

Of course, yes, because it's a fantastic combination. It is a great way to mix up your look and opens the door to layering and other paring possibilities. 

Some of the key things to note while adopting this mix:

 Dos and Don'ts of brown shoes with black pants


  • Try various shades of medium and dark brown color. Dark brown is more comfortable balancing, while medium brown shades required some color balancing in overall outfits.
  • Try this fantastic look beyond suits. The combinations of colors work well with dark navy and black denim. The same applies to chinos. 


  • Never wear brown shoes with a black belt. Always match your shoes with your belt. 
  • Avoid light brown or tan shoes with black jeans as the colors' extremes will often look out of place. Aim towards dark and dark while mixing the color; a nice pair of blacks jeans and dark shoes. See our shoe suggestion below. 

Another color combination to consider is navy or blue pants with a dark shade shoe such as black, dark browns, dark reds, and vice versa. 

We hope that these tips inspire you to experiment with colors throughout your style. For more information, subscribe to our mailing list. 

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Here are a few dark and light shade shoes we would suggest trying. Mix it in with your favorite black or blue denim, chinos, or dress pants. 

Lazio Brown Velvet Loafers

Stefano Red Crown Velvet Loafers

Pietro Casual Trainers

Luciano Navy Anchor Loafers

Marlon Navy Loafers


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