Dressing according to your bodyshape

Dressing according to your bodyshape

Dressing according to your bodyshape

Ever felt lied to? Like you see a fantastic look and try to replicate it, but what do you get? Disappointment. I guess you feel hurt remembering that. You don't have to feel hurt. It could have even been edited to suit whatever narrative was being pushed. But that only lets us in on a fact: we all have different body shapes! In this article, you'll learn to identify your body type and dress to suit you.


It describes someone tall and thin. It has shoulders that are equally proportionate to the waist, so they'll need clothes that create an illusion of broad shoulders. If this is your shape, you'll need horizontal stripes to widen your body frame, structured jackets that broaden the shoulders and accentuate the waist, colored prints on the upper region, and a draped scarf for the spot-on look. Also, add a button-down shirt to the list while you replace double-breasted jackets with single-breasted ones.


It describes a narrow waist that widens up to the collarbone and shoulders. You may want to avoid oversized clothes and stick to tailored trousers, single buttoned jackets, and checked shirts with normal-length ties for this shape.


It describes a person whose midriff is wider than the shoulder and the hips and appears to have shorter limbs. For this shape, the goal is to keep it simple. Solid and dark-colored clothes that make you look slim would be most appropriate for this body shape. Trousers should be relatively loose at the waist for comfort. Suspenders are also a great addition. Shirts with a good fit and wider collar spreads, and dark single-breasted jackets. Bow ties or long wide ties that reach the belt also work well. As for clothes to avoid, avoid tight clothes and patterned colored clothes.


It describes someone more significant around the waist and hip region. From the neck, the body is thinner and widens up to the waist and hips, which form the triangle's base. The challenge with this body type has to find clothes that fit you well, as most men's clothes are designed to be comprehensive from the shoulders and narrow at the waist and hip. Hence, it would help if you balanced things. Clothing suggestions for this body shape include checked blazers, fitted waistcoats, and solid wide straight-legged trousers to cause a distraction from the waist region. The focus should also be on vertical striped outfits for a slim illusion, but if the stripes are around the chest region alone with darker colors for the mid-section, it's fine too. When shopping for jackets, watch out for the shoulders. It must be structured, unlike bomber jacket shoulders. Avoid fitted polo shirts, bold, bright and busy colors, bold belts, and narrowed trousers.


This shape is familiar to men who visit the gym a lot. It describes a person with a broader chest and shoulders and a narrow waist. To show off some of the hard work you have put into achieving this body type, you need to consider clothes that make the smaller mid-section proportionate to the upper section. Fine clothes with horizontal stripes from the chest down, V-neck tees, and patterned trousers or shorts with enough room around the groin. Jackets should also follow your natural body outline. Avoid tees with plunging necklines, blazers, and jackets with shoulder pads. Most importantly, find a tailor and make friends with them. It will do you a lot of good.
We hope you have a new insight into body shapes with these in mind.

What shape did you think you were, and what is your perception now? Has it changed, or is it still the same?

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