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Finding The Perfect Boat Shoes Alternative

Finding The Perfect Boat Shoes Alternative

Are you thinking of a better way to upgrade your summer outfit? Maybe you've considered boat shoes because they feel like an all-in-one shoe. Although Boat shoes are casual shoes that you can wear in most settings, there are exciting alternatives to consider. 


They are seen as dress shoes by many, but loafers look and feel amazing when paired with a casual outfit. A pair of loafers like the Cenni Black Bowtie Patent Leather Loafers is a great option to consider when creating an upscale look.



How to wear Loafers with jeans - Men fashion tips. Loafer Spot handmade loafers

Have you considered loafers and jeans? This combination is a great business casual look that can transition from work to the bar—When shopping, look for a good pair of dark slim fit jeans to pair with our Marlon loafers


How to rock loafers with chinos. Mens style blog. Loafer Spot. Handmade Loafers

This combination is like a good business partnership deal. You can never go wrong with it. Same way it goes so well with a khaki. The same rule for jeans also applies to chinos. Ensure that the loafers boast of a right sitting with the chinos and the chinos have a tailored fit with little to no folds where its cuffs meet the loafers.


How to wear loafers with a suit. Fashion know how - Loafer Spot handmade Loafers for men


Who says you can't wear loafers with a suit? 

Combining loafers with a two-piece suit is a great way to spice up the office look and have everyone looking. You can go sockless with our velvet loafers or style your favorite pair of socks in our penny loafers

Consider combining our casual sneakers or loafers with a pair of jeans, chinos, or dress pants and suit for more combination options. 

Have you tried a unique combination? Let us know in the comments.  

Here are five recommendations to change things up. 

Urso casual leather sneakers 

Roreto velvet tassel loafers 

Maximo bullion loafers 

Lazio brown velvet loafers 





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