Five Common Style Mistakes To Avoid

Five Common Style Mistakes To Avoid

Five Common Style Mistakes To Avoid

Changing the way you look is like losing weight. 

It not only gives you good feelings but increases confidence. You can enjoy the compliments and attention that come with it.

But it doesn't happen overnight and requires lots of effort. Most of us go through some common pitfalls.

  • Buying the wrong outfits
  • Ignorance the fit
  • Overspending 

In this article, I will point out five style mistakes that I made in my life.


It was one of my biggest mistakes, and that cost me the most.

"Dressing for your lifestyle is something that we often shy from while looking for dressing improvements." 

I looked at myself just like a simple man. Looking like a boss and tie all day long did not exist in my style.

With time my formal style began to improve. It gives my personality a unique look overall.

Dressing to your lifestyle means that you focus on managing your closet with the best business and outfits. Define the style that makes you feel good. 

This approach helps you transform and applies focus to mastering your daily clothing choice. 


I had a bad habit of going to the mall and going to random retailers and purchasing whatever caught my eye. I wasted money and time doing it this way. It is a better idea to create a shopping list before visiting the shop.

  • I need a pair of blue denim jeans and have to spend $70
  • I need to purchase a blue button shirt that cost me $80
  • I need to buy handmade red velvet loafers that'll cost me $180

If you have a detailed shopping list, you will never buy clothes impulsively.

I look at stores online and find out when they have items on clearance. Often you can get an $80 shirt for $40. 

Avoiding impulsive buys can help you avoid bad purchases. 


How your clothes fit you is an essential part of improving your style.  

If you can't afford made-to-measure and bespoke clothes, visit your local tailor and adjust your clothes to bring out your best look.


One of the mistakes that I made was over-accessioning. I often overdid tie pin, bracelet, pocket square, belt, cufflinks, and collar bar.

Accessories add delicate details to a look, but they can take away from your outfit when overdone. Please keep it simple and allow the addition to complement rather than overtake. 


Shoes are an essential part of your outfit. A mistake we often make is we choose price over quality. We vouch for the cheaper shoe and buy multiple shoes over a short period vs. purchasing the pricier shoe that would have lasted years.

With some small adjustments, your look can go a long way.  

Here's our five look suggestions that'll help up your style:

Dorian Black Suede Penny Loafers

Ugo Dotted Hide Loafers

Oliver Twist Black Velvet Loafers


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