How to combine outfit colors effortlessly

How to combine outfit colors effortlessly

How to combine outfit colors effortlessly

The thought of matching colors is a popular worry. Combining the different colors of shirts, pants, and shoes can be almost tiring, but this article is here to help you work that out as we look at tips and tricks on color combinations.

Here are the essential things to note 

  1. Neutral colors: These are colors that look great no matter the combination. They can accommodate any color you throw at them. Black, white, grey, navy, light blue, tan, or even olive colors are always a great way to bang! Try it out!
  2. Contrast: From shirt/top to trouser to shoes, you can wear light colors on a dark and then blend with another light color beneath for shoes. Alternatively, you can swap it and go dark, light, and dark colors among the three. Just keep the contrast in there. 
  3. Tonal outfits: It is advisable not to wear all your three pieces in the same color or a close range of colors. Sometimes it works, but other times, it just does not look right. 
  4. Skin tone outfits: Stay away from tops that are the same shade as your skin color. You don’t want to look drab and dull.

Once you remember all these, the next step is as simple as anything you can think of.

There are three simple rules for combining primary colors:

  1. Experiment
  2. There are no hard and fast rules
  3. Have fun

Combining primary colors is relatively easy because of their simplicity. If you are going by the minimalist style, you will have the primary colors in your closet. If you add other non-basic colors, it should not also be too difficult because they complement each other.

Note that the article is about combining colors and how colors go together. It is not about the accuracy of formality. It is a general guide to combining any shirt, pants, and shoes. 

  1. Use your imagination: Visualizing is a perfect way to put outfits together. Think about that perfect look you want and try to recreate it. 
  2. Experiment: By trying out different combinations over time, you discover the best combination for you. Also, put clothes that are alike together and see if they fit. By the time you do that, you will discover that it is not as difficult as it seems.
  3. Your collection of clothes will vary between dark and light tones. You may have more dark colors and less light ones, or you may have more light colors and less dark ones, or you may be a neutral stocker; whichever your closet is, always remember that contrast is essential.
  4. The best thing to examine for patterned shirts or multicolored ones is the overall shade. By that, I mean the most prominent color on the shirt. A great tip to identifying the prominent shade is placing the shirt on a blank white wall, going over to the other side of the room, and seeing which colors it reflects more. The prominent color it reflects should determine what you combine it with. 

Lastly, it is essential to note that Khaki or gray chinos (or trousers too) and dark blue denim are always safe to play with irrespective of the shirt or shoe of choice.

How do you combine the colors of your outfits to suit your style? Do you have any tricks you follow, or do you go with the flow and your mood? Feel free to share your thoughts.


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