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How To Dig Up Style Inspiration

How To Dig Up Style Inspiration

Fashion is about self-expression. It is a way to show people who you are without saying much. When you’re well dressed, you can walk into a room and give a clear first impression of who you are before you even speak.

As you begin to learn the fundamentals of the right style, fashion may seem like rocket science. There are a handful of technical aspects to know, such as proper fit and sizing, color matching, pairing different accessories together, and much more. It can all seem a bit dry and overwhelming, but it becomes second nature with time, and the real fun begins.

After you’ve had enough practice, fashion will feel more like art, allowing you to focus on its creative side rather than its technical aspects. Your style will become an extension of your personality and image when you tap into fashion’s creative juices. 


The first step to sourcing fashion inspiration is simple: figure out your goals in terms of self-expression.

In the same way, painters and musicians try to tell a story with their frameworks; you too can communicate specific aspects of your personality with fashion. During his “blue period,” Picasso painted many pieces in monochrome blue and green shades, aiming to give a sense of despair. When looking at these paintings, you can see how well he was able to capture his moods in his artwork and use it to communicate with his audience. 

How would you like to be perceived? Which features are most attractive? What are your selling points? By answering these questions, it’ll give you an idea of how you’d like to dress up and accessorize your looks. 

Let’s look at Johnny Depp, for example. He represents someone who has a very creative bohemian/artist image as part of his style. You can get a clear picture of what he’s all about just by seeing the way he dresses.


Once you get to this point, it’ll help you build a visual library to fuel a sense of fashion. A visual library is an extensive collection of reference inspiration and material to give you ideas to draw from when you build outfits and expand your wardrobe. Keep in mind that you can also keep your library digitally. 

Sites like TumblrPinterest, and Instagram make it easy to save and collect photos relevant to your interests. Spending 10-15 minutes each day will help you develop your sense of style even more. 

Outfit grids have become very popular on Pinterest and Instagram recently. Style bloggers and fashion enthusiasts will compile an outfit into a grid-like the one below and post it online.

Loafer Spot - How to find style inspiration for men, how to build a style

Fashion should be a creative and fun form of self-expression. Don't feel limited to what you see out on the streets. Search for inspiration in all different places—the more unconventional, the better. 

 I highly recommend creating some visual library collection when you're new to fashion. It's one of the best ways to train your eye to identify the right styles. If you make a regular habit of looking at and collecting fashion images, you'll start to pay attention to subtle details and things you would have never noticed before. Then you can start implementing those things with your outfits.

Fashion should be a creative and fun form of self-expression. Don't feel limited to what you see out on the streets. Search for inspiration in all different places. Enjoy this journey as it allows you to see what looks you enjoy on others and, therefore, can refine to be yours. In art, an artist's early stages are inspired by various artists and summed up, twisted, and eventually redefined in their form of expression.  

Share your thoughts in the comments. It could inspire someone else who's searching for an answer.

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