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How To Shape Your Look

How To Shape Your Look

Fashion is naturally feminine; much like writing poetry or painting, developing the right style means focusing on aesthetics and expression using clothing.

Men often set aside fashion as something women should be concerned with and a general waste of time. But, the truth is that cultivating the right style can have many positive benefits.

After learning about style basics, you might be interested in developing a more masculine image and showing a harder, more aggressive side of your personality.


The first thing you want to figure out when trying to make your image "harder" is what kind of result you want to have:

  • Are you trying to express a specific side of your personality? If so, which side would that be?
  • What kind of image do you want to show? Bad boy? Aggressive and confident businessman?
  • Are you potentially trying to match specific types of men who have more complex styles? If so, what kinds of things do they typically wear? What types of hobbies do they have? Try to visualize it.

Fashion is visual communication. When people give speeches or introduce themselves socially, they're trying to communicate some message. The same is true of style; the difference is that you share it nonverbally rather than rhetorically by the way you appear.

Now, how are you going to communicate a message without talking? You use common symbols that people understand. So, figure out what kinds of signs are associated with the image you're trying to put across and work them into your outfits.

For example, one of the easiest ways to make your image harder is to accessorize more with pieces that communicate rockstar or rebel aspects of your personality (ex. Wearing chains, dyed hair, leather, etc.)


An alternative way to communicate similar ideas is by wearing pieces that are a bit messy. Ripped jeans or asymmetrical pieces are classic examples.

The more prominent your symbols are, the more blatant the communication will be. Tattoos are such powerful symbols: they're permanent and (especially in Asia) automatically communicate that you're not trying to fit in (this has its pros and cons depending on your goals with your style).


An even more subtle and quieter way to make your style harder is to dress in monotone colors or keep your outfits primarily black, avoiding bright colors. You can at the same time effortlessly blend in and be set apart from society.


On that note, the masculine style doesn't need to be dark, rebellious, or flashy. Sometimes, showing masculinity is as simple as keeping a conservative, traditional wardrobe while combining good posture and verbal wit.

You can mix good formalwear with a sense of humor. Excellent body language with a touch of sexuality will do the trick. Remember that masculinity isn't just about the visuals; it's also about how you carry your body and express yourself.

"Don't feel shy to wear a suit or get dressed up, even just for a casual outing"  

All in all, the easiest way to begin making your style more aggressive or harder is to start simple. Try to accessorize more and with pieces that communicate your personality.

If you don't want to be so bold and aggressive, you could opt for a more conservative look like James Bond or Thomas Crown. Pair that classic image with good posture for the best effect.

Keep in mind not to limit yourself to one single style. It's essential to experiment with different looks before settling on the perfect combination that works for you.


Has your look evolved? Share your transformation in the comments. 

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