How to style your clothes while working from home

How to style your clothes while working from home

How to style your clothes while working from home

I like my style to excite me. I like to surprise myself with the way I look. I don’t exactly have to put on a new outfit. I only like to combine my clothes in a way that feels new to me. I sometimes pair it in an odd way that goes out of the norm. But I like the way it feels. I explore my creativity with clothes, and I couldn’t have found it more exciting! This practice became a routine that lingered with me for about two months after the lockdown. Did you do anything unusual during the lockdown? Well, with no places to travel and no other exciting to do, mine was my styling, and I’ll tell you about it.

Amazingly, I didn’t put on t-shirts and track shorts. No. I also did not put on pajamas all day. I had work to do and, there was no way I could get all of that work done in my sleep clothes. That, coupled with the fact that I was excited by some of my new tryouts, made it even more stimulating.
Here are some of the clothes that excited me.

All my Work-from-home clothes can be defined mainly by jeans, shirts, and knitwear/overshirt. Though I mostly did casual styles, you can only categorize them as workwear or modern. Wearing a jacket at home doesn’t feel right for me. That would be a whole lot of discomfort.

Knitwear got me excited but, top on my list was my navy blue crewneck alongside a pair of jeans and an oxford. I even discovered that a pink Oxford and black suede slippers matched my crewneck and jeans.

I like the relaxed and confident look I pulled off with a white polo top, grey crewneck, and brown chinos. As the weather got warmer, I switched over to trying out a combination of shorts with some tops. While it felt a little bit chilly, it still looked good. Taupe-colored chinos and charcoal knitwear go all together when worn with black slippers. When I switched to a pair of loafers, it was a stunning beauty.

Next, I used the same range of colors, varying the tops by using a shirt instead of a polo. For a majority of my trousers, I enjoy the comfort of wide trousers, so I opted for khaki instead of chinos. Work had me donning khaki, but a combination of jeans and my sweatshirts also came in handy to replace cashmere.
It was exciting for me to play around with different clothing styles, using them all for the same occasion. Double wins if you like. I also made sure I took fire selfies so that whenever I have to rock a combination, I can easily refer to it.

We all need some form of encouragement. It is helpful to find something for relaxing and calming your nerves amid the world pandemic. In my case, I found it in my closet. It’s perfectly okay to be odd. I hope you found some of these tips helpful too. Have fun with your wardrobe! And share your favorite lockdown looks in the comment section!

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