Sockless And Bold

Sockless And Bold

Sockless And Bold

The fashion rulebook would scream NO! to not wearing socks. Going sockless has long been considered as the cherry on top when it comes to completing an outfit. Though not so acceptable back in the days, the younger generation has embraced it. The sockless look has gone from nonchalance to tolerable. Here are a few recommendations for maintaining a classy look while breaking the rules.


While it is standard to wear socks with any tailored suit, sockless will require a subtle dressed-down outfit. Wearing socks is a good summer outfit idea. You should put some consideration towards the type of event you would like to go sockless. You can go sockless with open-necked collared shirts and a pair of loafers like the Alexander Camo Loafers to hang out with friends at a bar. You can also wear a casual suit or a blazer with jeans or chinos, depending on your boldness.


Consider going sockless with shoes like espadrilles, slip-on, and tassel loafers.



While this may sound obvious, we recommend washing the bottom of your feet every day. It helps to fight off some bacteria that thrive off dead skin cells to produce the stinky smell that lingers in your shoes.


Wearing invisible socks is a great way to extend the life of your shoes and leaving them odorless. They help to take out sweat from your feet as they cover your toes and heels without everyone around you knowing that you have socks on. If getting a pair of invisible socks seems hard, you can try sprinkling foot powders that eliminate the stinky feet troubles in your shoes. Insoles also do a great job in addition to preventing slippage.


If you are going sockless, avoid wearing a particular pair of shoes repeatedly. It can cause your shoes to soak in the previous sweat. Regularly wearing the same shoes will not allow them to dry up.

Let us know what you think about going sockless. 

Here are four sockless shoe recommendation: 

Remo moon loafers

Lucca "The End" loafers

Toma velvet loafers 

Avenno brown monk strap slippers


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