5 Perfect reasons to own suede shoes

5 Perfect reasons to own suede shoes

5 Perfect reasons to own suede shoes

If you try to sample the opinion of suede loafers, you will get various reactions ranging from those who embrace it to those who readily give it a thumbs down. People complain about it looking feminine, while some say it is too fragile, and some even say it is inflexible, but that is because they’ve not had great experiences with suede shoes. Not to mince words, suedes are versatile and, you can even get some at affordable prices.


  1. Own the Suede look: As earlier stated, many men see suede as feminine; however, you may need to correct that perspective. They add a feel to their texture that makes it alluring and attractive. Imagine how stunning it can make you look! 
  2. Protect your Suede: There is a wide misconception that suede shoes do not last as long as traditional leather; however, suede is proven to last just as long as leather shoes. They may get some marks a few times, but if proper care is done, it will last longer, just like the leather. Dip a brush in vinegar and use it to brush off the mark on your shoes and, you can be sure to have your suede back as good as new and without marks! You may also want to mind the kind of brush you apply on your suede shoes as hard bristles destroy the suede texture. Even an ordinary pencil eraser can do the trick. It is also advisable to apply some silicone spray on your suede shoes at least once a month. Regular shoe polish can damage your suede.
  3. Weigh your options: Suede comes with different options. There is suede footwear like oxfords, monk straps, chukka boots, or loafers; there are also suede jackets. Suede jackets are a great addition to a wardrobe. There are also suede belts. Look out for various options and try out those you love.
  4. Matching suedes with style: The versatility of suede affords it to be styled as you please, just like any other leather, it can be combined with other accessories. For instance, you can use the heel of your suede to determine the color of the belt to use with it.
  5. When to wear Suede: Suede comes in various colors, but the most common is the casual brown (which passes it off as a casual material). Hence, you must exercise caution when pairing it with a business outfit.

It’s a great choice to try out suede for its beauty and versatility. Get yourself a pair, and you’d have made a fantastic choice.

Are you a suede lover or yet to like them? 

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