10 Types of loafers

10 Types of loafers

10 Types of loafers

Loafers are classic shoes without laces that make you look graceful with minimal effort. Often found as low-heeled shoes, these slip-on are of different designs and, there are various ways to wear them. They used to be mere casual shoes, but today, loafers are very versatile, depending on the color, style, and design. Every man should have at least one pair because of its versatility. They also provide a good deal of comfort and convenience, which is why every man should have one.

How can you spot a loafer? Here is how:

  1. You can easily slide it on and off.
  2. You will find them in various styles and materials.
  3. Except for the boat loafers, they all have no buckles or laces.
  4. Best part? You can wear them sockless if you want to and if you prefer the socks way, not bad too!


Loafers come in either leather or suede. While leather loafers are more formal, suede loafers are appropriate for casual occasions.


Here are the different types of loafers there are.


  1. Gucci loafer or horse-bit: This loafer takes its name from the designer- Gucci. It also refers to horsebit because of the metal bar that looks like a horse's bit in the center of the vamp. While it is not suitable for black tie events, it can be worn with suits or jeans.
  2. Tassel loafer- Tassel loafers are not hard to find. This all-timer has existed for so long and is easily recognized by the two dangling leather tassels on top. You can never go wrong putting them on. They match different trousers: jeans, chinos or shorts. If you got a navy blazer and grey trousers, you have to try the tassel loafers in black.
  3. Penny loafer: This loafer features a soft leather Moccasin having a leather strip across the saddle with a diamond cut-out. It got its name from the distinguishable semi-pocket on the vamp, where you can store a penny just in case you'll be needing it. As with all loafers, they are versatile and, they complement your dressing when combined with chinos, flannel pants, or corduroy with or without socks.
  4. Belgian loafer: These are casual style slip-on that has a bow in front. Its design tends more to slippers than to Moccasin.
  5. Espadrille- Just like tassels, espadrilles have existed long ago. They were fashionable before and are in style today. If you do not like to put on socks, espadrilles are your go-to, especially for the summer.
  6. Kiltie loafers- This looks like the tassel loafers, but its fence-like fringed tongue is the distinguishing feature.
  7. Double Monk Strap loafers- This loafer is made in a slip-on style with a strap, buckle, and leather soles. The good thing about them is that they are versatile.
  8. Boat shoes- Boat shoes are also called deck shoes because they are designed for sailing. These shoes feature casual wear. They're made of canvas, leather, or rubber and can be worn sockless too.
  9. Driving shoes- Driving shoes are made of suede or supple leather. These shoes feature an incredible design to meet all driving needs. They are flat bottomed and usually have rubber heels Slipper loafers- This is a simple velvet loafer suitable for the warmer weather and looks good even without socks.
  10. Pump loafers- pump loafers are black-shiny shoes mostly worn with a tuxedo. These loafers are truly formal!


What type of loafers do you own? We would love to know. And if you think we missed any, do share with us.


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