The Perfect Guide To Men's Shoe Styles

The Perfect Guide To Men's Shoe Styles

The Perfect Guide To Men's Shoe Styles

When you select a shoe, its characteristics are style, material, and color.

Formality is a function of simplicity and lack of bulk. Shoes range from formal to semi-formal to casual Shoes. The list categorizes shoes into formal, semi-formal, and everyday categories.


  • Opera pump: Opera pumps are like slip-on with bows at the top. They are made in black patent leather, velvet, canvas, and suede and suitable for tuxedos and black tie events.
  • Oxford: The Oxford is also known as Balmoral. Its high formality stems from its closed-throat lacing system. You can wear these with evening wear and suits.
  • Monk straps: These stylish dress shoes are less formal than Oxfords and more formal than Derby's. They spot buckles as opposed to laces and go well with a variety of clothing.
  • Derby: This is a more casual shoe similar to Oxfords as both use laces. However, they have an open-throat lacing, unlike Oxford's closed throat system. They go well with odd jackets and trousers or denim. 
  • Brogue: Brogues are identifiable by their perforations. Not only are the perforations for aesthetics, but they used to be functional in earlier times for draining water from the shoes after wading in marshes. There are many styles of brogues; you can style them with denims and casual trousers.
  • Chelsea boot: These are ankle-high boots that have no fastening, such as laces or buckles. They appear clean and streamlined, which counts them worthy of being considered formal as far as boots are concerned. Try the slim Chelseas with a suit and the chunky types with denims. 
  • Chukka boot: Chukka boot is also an ankle-high boot, but it has laces. It is less formal than the Chelsea boot. Dressier versions can be worn with suits, while casual ones go well with denim. 
  • Riding boot: These are knee-high leather boots mainly made for horse-riding. They are perfect for formal horse-riding events. 


  • Venetian loafer: this is a slip-on that is unadorned. No design. It is a combination of leather and seams. They come with a dress sole and heel and are very formal slip-on shoes. 
  • Bit loafer: Bit loafers are less formal than Venetians. They usually come with a metal hook placed horizontal across the vamp. They can be worn as casual business shoes, as well as for evening outings. 
  • Penny loafer: Penny loafers are notable for the decorative saddle across their vamp. They come in various styles and are suitable for office or casual events. 
  • Tassel loafer: These are slip-on shoes with decorative tassels on the vamp. Older men mostly wore them in the past, but with denim, casual trousers, or shorts, it looks great on young people professionals. Be careful! They can be too casual for certain professional events. 


  • Driving shoes: Driving shoes are moccasins that spot rubber nubs on the sole. They are very comfortable but not ideal for walking and look good on casual trousers, denims and shorts.
  • Boat shoes: Also called topsiders. This classic has a sole made to grip a boat's fiberglass. They come in various colors and are perfect with shorts and rolled-up casual trousers.
  • Espadrille: Espadrilles are loafers with canvas uppers and esparto roped soles. You can wear them with shorts, casual trousers and even bathing trunks.
  • Sneaker: Sneakers are as popular as the air we breathe. They come in different styles. They can be casual or athletic, depending on the design they come in. Visit our sneakers section to view our collections. 
  • Slippers: They are considered casual and offer a relaxing feel. You can wear them at home with family or during a day off work.  
  • Jodhpur boot: It has a series of straps and buckles and is considered casual due to this. Depending on how its style. You can pull off a relaxed, professional look for an office event. 
  • Desert boots: Casual chukka boots with a crepe sole. They can be worn with jeans and casual trousers and come in various colors. 
  • Motorcycle boot: These thick boots, which you can wear with jeans, are made with a harness and buckles. They are casual boots made to protect the feet of motorcycle riders.

Duck boot: this waterproof shoe with a rubber sole can come as a pull-on lace-up boot and lined for warmth in cold seasons. Shoe color formality rank

Below is a list of shoe colors, from the most formal to the least formal. 

  • Black shoes
  • Dark brown
  • Cordovan
  • Navy blue
  • Charcoal grey
  • Medium brown
  • Tan
  • White
  • Non-standard colors such as red, green, orange, and purple.

We hope this guide has been helpful. Let us know what other criteria you use in deciding the formality of your shoes.

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