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To Rock Socks Or Not? Wonder No More!

To Rock Socks Or Not? Wonder No More!

Have you been hesitant of going sockless? I will give you tips on how you can pull off the look with full confidence.

"Wearing shoes with no socks gives a delicate statement."


In my opinion, wearing a shoe with no socks is not a big issue. I prefer to wear shoes with socks, but sometimes it's better to leave them in the drawer.

Recently, I was in Dubai, and the heat was at an all-time high. Luckily I brought a pair of suede loafers and a linen outfit. Going sockless was not optional! It felt like a relief knowing I could enjoy the outdoors without socking up my shoes. Loafers pair well with the sockless look. 


Climate or occasions 

If you are in a city with hot climates, you will require fewer layers and no socks options. You wouldn't be wearing loafers with shorts or walking in London in the rain sockless with cropped trousers. It's crucial to pick the right environment and occasion to go sockless.

Occasions are another thing that you should consider. If you are going to a formal dinner, I suggest wearing socks with suede penny loafers. Are you going out for brunch or a day party? Try going sockless.  


Shoe styles play a significant role in the sockless look. It may be harder to wear oxford shoes without socks, but loafers and sneakers are perfectly suitable.

Monk Straps and Derby are both well-constructed leather shoes that can look fantastic without socks, but the leather's construction makes them uncomfortable.

Trouser length 

If you opt to fold or wear cropped trousers, then going sockless is an option to consider. It all comes down to your preferences and personality. 

The trouser's length plays a significant role in deciding whether to wear socks. If the trousers' length is longer than your socks, it works. But when they are slightly short or cropped, then wearing no socks may be the best option as it would look awkward. 

Socks allow us to create a delicate statement but going sockless will enable us to be bold and stylish. The next time you put an outfit together, consider going sockless. 

Have you tried the sockless look. How did you find it? Let us know in the comments. 

We put a least of shoes that'll look great sockless. 

Alexander camo loafers

Vanezia coastal sneakers

Biagio white paisley loafers

Theo jacquard loafers

Pietro casual trainers




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