Top accessory picks to complement your style

Top accessory picks to complement your style

Top accessory picks to complement your style

Accessories complement your style, be it a tie, a wristwatch, or great socks. They help spice up your personality and can even give old clothing a touch of newness for a hang-out or work purpose. As we step into a new season and a new year, we thought it would be wise to let you know what our favorite accessory picks are.

While selecting an accessory, you want to consider some vital points. A small accessory may have meaning but lacks quality. Another may have quality but lack purpose. But, an accessory that has both quality and purpose should always be adorned. Some accessories are historical such as a grandfather’s wristwatch. Whatever the case is, the accessory you select must have a functional value. It will be a waste of time having it on a wristwatch that’s not functional in a boardroom meeting.

Jewelry: Pieces of jewelry are not the easiest things to figure out when you are not used to the world of jewelry. Combining a simple bracelet like Tom Astin with a watch or cufflinks is very trendy and remarkably speaks of class. Now, if you are the type that would not like the feel of this type of bracelet, another option you can consider is the Tanner Goods Single wrap wristband. This saddle tan wristband is ideal for outfits because of its simple stud made of brass, copper, or stainless. Cufflinks come in various designs and fits. You can make a statement with them. Choose the one that suits you the most.

Tech accessories: Technology is everything these days. Many people have a craze for technology. Despite their liking for technology, many do not know how to upgrade their technology as new models arrive. Tech accessories such as phone casings and air pods make life easier and fun. I recommend phone cases like this biodegradable phone case wallet from Pela. Black or cosmic blue case is good anytime and are available for a wide range of phones. They also have AirPods cases that complement the phone cases too. Airpods are a great relief from tangled earpiece wires.

Timepiece: You know you need a great wristwatch to compliment that nice suit you have on. Something that says others in the room should pay attention to you. We recommend the Timex Navi Harbor watch for its solid dark grey leather strap and bezel rotating around the dial. It also has luminescent indices. A brown Sinn watch with its two gold-plated hands is also a good dress watch fit for any occasion.

Bags: You will agree that having a bag helps you look tidy and composed, as against looking clumsy. Be it a backpack, briefcase, or suitcase, being composed helps put your day in order. You may consider a briefcase from Filson that has a laptop sleeve and internal pockets.

Loafers: Loafers accentuate your style while keeping things simple.  

What’s a perfect wardrobe without a pair of loafers? 

Did we miss out on any of your favorite accessories? Let us know in the comment section.

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