Up Your Game: Foolproof Style Hacks For Every Man

Up Your Game: Foolproof Style Hacks For Every Man

Up Your Game: Foolproof Style Hacks For Every Man

A lot of men don't invest the energy in putting together an outfit. How you look tells a whole lot about you. You cannot afford to dress out of time. While you don't necessarily have to put on what is trending at every point in time, it is good to stay up to date with your essentials. 

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you get on your A-game!


The norm is to dress up in a shirt and a tie, match it with a pair of pants and add good work shoes. However, to dress that way would make you play an average game. It is highly fashionable to make a statement with your socks. Yes. You read that right—your socks. Quit putting on plain-coloured socks and start wearing socks in different patterns and colours. There are myriads of designs and colours to choose from, and they all come affordable too. You can only look great! If you feel less confident with patterned socks, don't worry, It will grow on you, and you can also hide them with long trousers.


Baggy pants are neither trendy nor fashionable these days. Generally, your clothes should fit you properly, whether you are wearing a hoodie, a jacket, track pants or a suit. Show some shape! I bet you'd love it.


White shirts take in some stains after wearing them, especially around the armpits and collars. But, imagine the look a new white shirt would give you. You've got to plan your budget to change your white shirts every couple of months. If you must spend, spend well!

When it comes to shoes and accessories, quality matters, you won't trade your shoes for anything in the world if you know what wearing quality shoes can do to your outfit. Shop for accessories that will add a stylish touch—no need to over-do it. 

When purchasing quality shoes and accessories, it is essential to know how to take care of them. You can read up on the shoe care tips we shared earlier.

Looking fashionable and trendy does not translate to spending more than you can afford. It also doesn't mean spending hours looking in the closet for what to wear. It's all about making small adjustments to improve your overall look. 

Do you have any fashion hacks? Share your experience in the comments.

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