What Colors Can I Wear To Compliment My Skin Tone?

What Colors Can I Wear To Compliment My Skin Tone?

What Colors Can I Wear To Compliment My Skin Tone?

Choosing the right colors for your clothes can hectic and frustrating sometimes. We all have different skin tones, and some colors do not look so well on some skin tones. So people ask themselves what colors match them perfectly? If you want to save yourself time and money while shopping online or offline, you need to know what tones will complement your skin tone well. 

So, where do you start?

Start from your forearm! That's where you can tell what skin tone you are: pale, medium, or dark. Let's dive into it more.


The summer sun is beaming, and you're searching for a spot in the shade. Congratulations. You just found your skin tone! Or are you frequently spotting a lot of freckles on your skin? Then you belong here. People who also have red, blonde, or light brown hair also fall into this category.

Contrast is the keyword to look out for when making outfit decisions for pale skin tones. Bad lighting can make it seem like there's a ghost somewhere. So darker colors will make the skin-pop. Colors like navy blue, burgundy, bottle green, and darker blue shades work just fine. Avoid colors that are likely to make you appear washed out.

Shades like khaki, sand, slate grey, and camel can replace white and beige. It doesn't mean you can not put on those colors; it only means you have to mix light colors with dark ones proportionately. 

Red may work when worn in bolder shades such as crimson.


Think warm when thinking of medium skin tone. Most complexions fall into this range. People in this shade spectrum tend to have yellow or green undertones and experience suntan. While many colors are right for you, you should go for color shades that are brighter or darker than the medium tone instead of hues that blend in with the skin to avoid looking nude. In practical terms, that means that you choose pale beige over warm sand or magenta over mauve. White is the right color too. So you can try the white jeans with a dark jacket to pull off that stunning look in cool weather. Avoid pistachio, mustard, olive, and mocha brown.


The darker skin is by far the most open for the highest number of matching colors. Here, there is nothing to fear. Your skin color is perfect for all hues and shades, and you stand no risk of appearing blended or over-colored. However, there are some exceptions. Do not use colors indiscriminately, simply because they fit your skin color. Brown is not exactly right for you, as it will not sit well over your dark skin. And even though black and navy are uniform colors that everyone should have, minimize the use of those colors. 

That said, be mindful of the fact that all colors work together. You may want to break the color combination rule; feel free to do it, and be confident about it. Style is all about expressing yourself!

You should try out these color-matching tips, and please let us know how it goes in the comment—looking forward to your feedback. 

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