White Shirts Every Man Should Own

White Shirts Every Man Should Own

White Shirts Every Man Should Own

Shirts have different characteristics. Dress shirts can have thickness varieties; Short-sleeved or long-sleeved, collared or without the collar. For a solid wardrobe, it's essential to mix and match pieces you own. The classic white shirt, for example, comes in various styles and types. White shirts are critical because they are essential, everyday colors that come in handy anytime. 

Here are some examples of shirt types: 

  • A white office shirt: Everyone should own a white office shirt in their closet, mostly if you work in formal settings. To choose one, make sure the shirt is of high quality. First impression counts—no room for sloppiness.
  • A white dress shirt: A white dress shirt is a more traditional shirt for all men. This shirt is excellent for black-tie events. With this in your arsenal, you'll never get caught off guard. 
  • A modern shirt: Sometimes, you need to flaunt your fashion prowess. It would help if you showed that you are fashionable and understand style in a significant way. The best way to do that is to wear something out of the box- something your colleagues and friends would not even consider putting on. 
  • A white short-sleeve shirt: When the summer heat is out, long-sleeved shirts may become a turn-off for some. It's the best time for a short-sleeve shirt to come into play. Even if you are not a fan of short sleeves, you cannot deny the comfort it provides. Get some or at least just one piece in your collection for the warm days. You'll thank us later! 
  • A grandad collar shirt: Ironing collars can be a pain in the neck. So, if you're the type that finds it hectic ironing a collar, then look no further. A grandad collar shirt eliminates this stress as its collar is different from the kind you find on most shirts. If you're creative enough, you can try this type of shirt with a suit.
  • A white linen shirt: A linen shirt is breathable and straightforward without worrying. A white linen shirt is excellent for holidays, especially on the beach!
  • A white shirt print: From time to time, it's good to switch it up! Instead of putting on a plain white shirt, how about you try a patterned white shirt? Summer seems like the season for colorful, printed fabric. What better background can print have other than white?

What do you like most about white shirts, and which type do you have in your closet?

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