Social Endorsers

Guidelines For Endorsers

Social media gives clients a way to talk to one another and Cenni and share feedback. We want to ensure that clients who see Cenni's advertising messages (including ads, product reviews, blog posts, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or other posts) clearly understand where those messages originated.

That means if you have a connection to Cenni. For example, suppose you were invited to a special event, received a free product, or worked for us. You must disclose your relationship with Cenni in your endorsement, product review, post if it is not otherwise apparent so clients will know the context of your statement. Endorsers include people and entities engaged by Cenni directly, as well as through third parties (e.g., blogger affiliate networks).

It's up to you how you disclose the connection to Cenni, but it should be clear and obvious to your reader and comply with the Trade Commission Endorsement Guides. For example, you might say "Cenni gave me X" or "I work for Cenni" in your post, or you might include a hashtag such as #ad, #paid, #Cennishoes, #cenni or #sponsored. A few examples are below:

  • when sharing a video, place the disclosure within the video and description;
  • when posting on Instagram, disclose material connections before the "More" button in posts; and
  • avoid using abbreviations, such as "#sp," which may prevent clients from understanding that the content is sponsored.

If you engage third parties who endorse Cenni (e.g., advertising agencies and blogger networks), be sure the third parties understand their responsibilities and agree to these Guidelines for Endorsers before the engagement begins. Monitor the endorsements made by third parties you engage to be sure they appropriately inform our clients of connections to Cenni.

We hope you will share your honest beliefs and experiences, and we look forward to hearing from you.


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